10 Reasons to move to Melbourne

You may have heard that Melbourne is one of the most liveable cities in the world right now. I must admit I love Melbourne too, it is just such a vibrant place. Here is why Vicmovers Melbourne's top rated moving company thinks they move so many families, couples and singles to Melbourne.

Vicmovers 10 Ten reasons to move to Melbourne

  • 1) Melbourne is so hip it has its own dance. 'The Melbourne Shuffle' not to be confused with what 40 somethings know as the running man, being able to do the Melbourne shuffle in Melbourne just feels better.

  • 2) It is customary now to serve free beer while having your hair cut at the Barber. Nice one!

  • 3) Café's openly serve "LSD" without fear or shame.
    Yes you can get a Latte of soy and dandelion (known as LSD) without fear of being teased and your stomach will love you for it.

  • 4) You can eat on a movie set
    The TV Series Offspring is regularly shot at The Union Club Hotel. You can move to Melbourne and it's like Hollywood without the plastic.

  • 5) Trams Trams and Trams
    Who doesn't love trams and these are the cool vintage ones too!

  • 6) Horse racing gets a public Holiday
    Being in Australia you notice little is needed to prompt celebration. However the Melbourne Cup is a knees up of epic proportions.

  • 7) Artwork is everywhere.
    Nothing makes a city more interesting and fun to be in than great and interesting works of art at every turn. It really does make Melbourne seem alive. The street art is amazing.

  • 8) Top Golf Course
    The Royal Melbourne is one of the top courses in the country and sits upon a sand belt no less.

  • 9) Huge sports stadium
    Nothing like enjoying a sporting event with your 100,000 closest mates!

  • 10) Pedestrians are kings/queens
    Some of the great shopping areas of Melbourne are completely closed off to vehicles, such as Bourke Street and Swanston Street. This makes it perfect for parking the car and spending the day wondering around and hoping trams to where ever you wish to go.

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