Check list for moving business and office in Melbourne CBD

Packing and moving your office can be a tough task, making sure all your computers and other I.T. equipment are moved without damage, important documents are not lost in the another dimension and you're stationary along with it. It's easy to forget about the little things so we've compiled a checklist so you can be up and running on day one of working from the new office.

Book your Melbourne CBD office removalist company as far in advance as possible, though some removalists are available on short notice.

Don't forget change your registered office with the ATO.

Let your customers and clients know you may be out of action on moving day.

Change of address and phone numbers with clients.

Change of address with contractors...and the water cooler guy.

Make sure your phone and internet it set up and ready for service the day you move in.

Get utilities such as power and water organised well in advance.

Don't forget about the office cleaners.

Let any company you rent equipment from (eg photocopy machines) that you are moving, it may be that they will send someone to move the equipment for you.

Maybe you have a lunch service come around each day, let them know you won't be at the premises any more.

Let any property or garden maintenance people know of your new address if you still require them, or cancel the service if you don't.

We hope this check list has helped with moving office or at least had jogged your memory about other people to advise you are moving.

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