Check-list For Moving House in Melbourne

You're packed and ready to move house. You've checked each room, cupboard and drawer 3 times over in case you've left something behind. You're boxes are labelled, you're furniture's ready and the moving truck is booked. But we can still forget some things so we've put together a list of things to remember.

Book your moving truck with a reputable house removals company in Melbourne

Pick up the new house keys

Check the weather report – be prepared

Arrange for the Power, Water and Gas to be switched on at your new address

Arrange for internet and phone connections to be connected, this can take up to 2 weeks so prepare yourself and book in advance.

Arrange for final readings for water, gas and power

Cancel the newspaper

Change address for magazine subscriptions

Cancel the pool boy

Cancel the lawn mowing and/or garden maintenance

Cancel garden waste collection

Change address for your driver's licence

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