Child proofing your moving day

If you're lucky enough to have kids who are old enough to actually HELP pack and carry boxes when you're moving house, you're probably glad they're not little any more, but we spare a thought for those of you who do have little ones and are moving house. Not only do you have the stress of actually moving but you have the added responsibility of keeping your precious babies out of harms way. Of course, it's probably a good idea to send them off to Nana and Granddad's for the day, but if you are unable to find someone to take them off your hands while you move, here are some suggestions and tips on keeping them safe while all the chaos of moving house goes on around them.

While you are packing, don't leave scissors, box cutters or any sharp items you have been using to tape up boxes, lying around.

If possible keep packed boxes in a spare room or the garage with the door closed. Don't pack boxes too high just in case little hands are able to turn the door handle. If you can't store your boxes in a closed room, store them neatly up against the walls. Again, don't stack boxes too high (2-3 boxes) in case they somehow topple and fall, store heavier boxes and fragile items on the bottom and lightest boxes at the top.

It's easy to accidentally leave hazardous items out where little hands might get a hold of, so keep things like medicines safely up high and away in cupboards until the night before you move. If you need to keep medication on you then make sure it's still kept away from your children.

Other dangerous and hazardous items you shouldn't forget about is any cleaning products, bleach and other chemicals. These should all be kept locked up until the night before moving day or packed well, we suggest a plastic storage bin (in case of any leaks or drips) with a lid and then taped up to secure the lid and to stop tiny hands from getting it open.

For cleaning products that you will need to clean the house with, keep them away in your cupboards (with child locks) until you need to pack them. Pack cleaning products and associated cleaning cloths in a plastic bin with a lid and kept in the laundry or bathroom with the door closed. Tape up the lid of the box for extra security.

Toddlers and small children are often attracted to climbing things. An empty bookcase might be a pretty good draw card for little climbers, so take out shelves if you can, or maybe even lay it down on it's side if you have the room, or even shift it into a secure room. Also keep in mind of any empty cupboards they might climb in to, just in case you can't find one.

Look out for small items that may be dropped on the ground or left into empty drawers or cupboards. Batteries can be extremely dangerous if swallowed. This goes for other small bits and pieces such as screws from furniture. Keep these items in small zip lock bags and away from small children.

Be aware of tripping hazards such as cords, this is for yourself too.

Be careful not to unplug things like stereos and home entertainments systems and stack them on top of wobbly boxes. Keep items like this on a firm surface, ideally the floor.

Once you have moved into your new home, it's good to let your toddlers and small children wonder through the house and garden areas to see exactly what they are attracted to that you may not have thought of. You can then make sure these things are safe or out of bound entirely This is a good way to make sure your new house and garden areas are childproof.

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