Tips for packing your clothes when moving house

So you're moving house in Melbourne. You've done this enough times to know what to expect and you're not looking forward to it. All you want to do is pack your things compactly and have as little to carry as possible. This is top priority when you are accustomed to living and moving house in Melbourne, so us "pro's" have come up with some tips on easy packing and moving your clothes.

An easy way to pack your hanging clothes is to get a clean, large plastic rubbish bag and while the clothes are still hanging, select a section of hanging clothes, enough to fill the entire bag while leaving room for the hangers, and simply slide the bag up over the clothes to the hangers. Simply lift the clothes in the bag and pop the hangers off, placing them into the bag. Tie bag up. This makes for easy unpacking at your new house, just grab the hangers with clothes still attached and hang.

You can also pack your hanging clothes in suitcases. Nicely fold them into the case, hangers and all.

Store your out of season clothes in a vacuum sealed bag. Not only are these bags easily stored, it keeps moths, mildew and dust away. (This tip also helps with out of season linens)

Another good option is hiring or buying a couple of porta-robe moving boxes. These are large cardboard packing boxes with a bar along the top for you to hang your clothes. A typical box will hold between 20-30 hangers. Available from your packing box supplier or home removal company in Melbourne.

For clothes in drawers, you can use plastic rubbish bag or suitcase options, or simply remove the drawer put a couple of sheets of newspaper or a towel over the top, like a lid, then use some plastic stretch wrap to secure the paper/towel and clothes so they don't fall out (and so no one can see your delicates).

It's also a good idea to have a suitcase or overnight bag with a couple of days of essential items, underwear, work clothes, toiletries etc just in case you don't get your unpacking done immediately....'cos no one does, let's be honest.

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