14 Reasons to move to Melbourne

Thinking of moving to Melbourne? Here are some cool facts and things that might convince you!

Melbourne was once again voted World’s Most Liveable City for the 5th YEAR in a row!

Before it was Melbourne, it was Batmania, after Batman! (John Batman that is)

Culture! Melbourne is the most culturally diverse city in Australia, which means an array of delicious food from all over the world

The Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix

Vegemite was invented in Melbourne

Trams! Melbourne tram system is the 4th largest in the world, and the 1st largest outside of Europe

Melbourne’s CBD has 5 of the 6 tallest building in Australia

The Melbourne Cup!

The Melbourne Open Tennis Championships

The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

A labyrinth of roads and lane ways, full of shopping, cafés and restaurants

Festivals galore! From Music to Film and Crime to Culinary, there is always a festival that suits your interests.

Queen Victoria Markets

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