How To De-Clutter And Downsize Your House

Are you settling into retirement and have decided to move into a smaller home? Maybe the kids have all moved out of home and you just don't need all that extra room any more.
We've put together some tips to start you on your de-cluttering and downsizing journey.

Do you have old furniture you just don't use or need, old couches and sofas in other rooms or the sun room; outdoor furniture you never use; spare bedroom furniture that goes unused.

Along with old beds, give away or sell the linen and bedding that matches the sized bed, or give to charity or younger family member who are just moving out of home for the first time.

Most of us have at some stage or another made an impulse purchase of exercise machines, only to have them sit gathering dust or used as a clothes rack after the first month. Or maybe you are moving into an apartment that has a residents gym.

Don't use your camping gear any more? Sell it or give it to younger family members.

We're also guilty of buying the latest kitchen appliances we've used once, or not at all, like ice cream makers and doughnut makers.

Old garden equipment you may no longer use such as lawns mower, leaf blowers etc

Old pet supplies that are no longer in use, bedding and kennels etc.

Now is a great time to hand down your old Royal Albert tea and coffee set to your children, along with any other family heirlooms like crystal-ware and art work you may now wish for your children to have.

You probably have boxes of old photos, get the kids and grand kids over to sort through them and pass them down. This is also great time to reminisce over passed family members, family holiday and relatives the kids may have never met such as your own grandparents. It's nice to know who is who and keep that family tree going.

A great way to get rid of your old things is to have a garage sale, list your items on Gumtree or EBay, or give away to family or to charity.

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