Preparing to move house in Melbourne

How to prepare to move house in Melbourne

They say moving house is one of the most stressful events in our lives!

Never underestimate how long it will take you to pack for a house move. Starting to pack 2-3 weeks out from your move is a good idea. Start with the things you do not use on a regular basis, such as; photos, books, DVD collections, etc. Next would be home decor, vases and the like. You could pack up whatever you don't use often in your bedrooms too, such as jewellery boxes etc. Kitchens and bathrooms would be last. With kitchens, you can start by packing up small kitchen appliances such as blenders etc leaving out the items you use to cook with daily like pots and pans. A good clean out of your pantry is a great idea too. It is great to pack up all your dinnerware etc the day before and shout yourselves a take out meal the night before moving.

A few days before moving make sure all your paintings and pictures have come down off the walls and are wrapped nicely and stored together against a wall. Stacking your boxes nicely in one place, such as the lounge room would be suggested, this make it easier for your movers to pick up instead of wandering around the house looking for boxes. Also your smaller furniture stored together is a great way to be more efficient.

If possible take apart your beds and any other furniture that needs breaking down before hand. Make sure your refrigerator is cleaned out with your food safely kept cool in a cooler bin. Avoid grocery shopping where possible the week before you move, the less food you have to pack the better. Anything you can do to make the moving house process less chaotic and that much less stressful for yourself is going to lead to a smooth process.

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