How To De-clutter Your Home

So the big Moving day is coming what a perfect chance to clean out all that extra clutter in your house. As the saying goes one man's junk in another man's treasure. So lets dump the junk make your move easier and turn up at your new how with a lighter load and fresh outlook.

All of us are guilty of keeping things around, whether it be clothes or mums 1980s tupperware. Step one gather all the items you have decide you no longer really truly need. Now sort them into garage sale/flea market, sell it on eBay or give away to friends, family or charity or lastly bin it! It's a good idea to recycle old things too, always try to recycle things first before throwing them out. Here are some tips for simplifying your home.

Wardrobes and closest

  • Sort through your wardrobes and clothes drawers for clothes and shoes you haven't worn in a long time. Clothes that don't fit? Out they go. If you didn't wear it last season, chances are you won't wear it this season either. If you like to still play "dress-ups" and many of "grown-ups" still do, keep them in a plastic bin you can store neatly away.


  • Bathrooms. Face creams, make up or perfumes that you bought or were given that aren't suitable for your skin type but are still reasonably new (make up will have a shelf life between 3-18 months depending on the product; most face creams, body lotions will be effective between 12-24 months; perfumes 2-4 years)


  • Kitchens. We all have good intentions to make our own foods at home but the novelty of it wears out after a short while. Get rid of items that you have never used or used only once or twice or haven't used in a long time. Bread makers, ice-cream makers, waffle makers etc all of those small kitchen appliances we all have but never use.

Home Libraries

  • Home libraries. Some of love to collect books and read them over and over again, but for those of us who don't, out they go.


  • Dated and Old artwork and other bric-a-brac like vases, decorative plates etc. If you are sure your not throughout a rembrandt then move on.

Old Electrical items

  • Old electrical items. Computer parts, cords, plugs, old lamps, T.V.'s and stereos. There is always someone who is willing to fix them up if you don't have the time. Be brutal are you really going to fix that blender or stereo. Our rule if you have touched it in 6 months get rid of it.

Pantries and food

  • Pantries and food cupboards. Get rid of packets and containers of food that is most likely expired or only has a small amount left at the bottom. It's also a good time to tidy our pantries. Instead of keeping things like flour and rice in their packets, buy a suitable container to keep these in, it also keeps away those nasty pantry moths.

Check expiry dates! I once found 3 year expired canned pattie that had been through two house moves. I really didn't need to take it for another trip.

Old toys

  • Old toys. Get the kids in on the de-cluttering by asking them to donate their old toys to younger cousins, the local day care or kindy or even the children's hospital. If your kids haven't touched it in 3 months they are probably over it.

Ourdoor toys

  • Outdoor toys. Old bikes the kids have outgrown, the trampoline they haven't used in 2 years, old swing and slide sets etc

Garden sheds

  • Garden sheds. Old plant pots (or think about recycling them). Broken old tools. The garden shed is often a graveyard of broken or "I might need it one day" things.

Dads stuff

  • Dads can be horrible hoarders sometimes. Never wanting to throw a thing away just incase they might need it in 5-10 years. Give old dad a kick up the but. Tools aside if he hasn't had a use of need for something in 12 months get rid of it. Some stuff might well be sellable, so sell it, dump it and move on.


Remember, before throwing things in the rubbish, always try to recycle, even broken items such as tiles, garden pots and even old crockery or flower vases etc will be fantastic for those artists who love to do mosaic. Someone will always make use of that old fashioned painting or photo frame. If you find you do have a lot of junk that just needs to be thrown in the rubbish, think about getting a mini-skip bin or loading up the trailer for a trip to your local refuse station.

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