How to display your art in your new home

  • Pick a centre piece that showcases your personality. For example, if you love the beach − beach and ocean art can help make a statement and wake up your walls, as well as spark interesting discussions.

  • When you’re deciding how to group art such as family photo frames on a particular wall, arrange the pictures on the floor first before placing them on the wall. Take a photo so you can remember your arrangement.

  • Consider the size of the wall and the room when you a choosing art to go on the walls. If you have a long horizontal wall, try choosing frames that are the same shape as the wall. While choose smaller frames for small walls or vertical frame for narrower walls.

  • Be sure to hang artwork at the right height, especially when hanging over furniture like cabinets, beds and couches.

  • Try mixing things up by using small frames on bookshelves, cabinets or fireplace mantelpieces.

  • Mirrors can really be really great for darker or smaller spaces they really open up the room by creating the illusion that the room is larger or brighter using reflection.

  • Another technique to help make a room with high ceilings seem more cozy is to hang framed pieces at the same height in a row. Make sure the tops of the frames are all exactly the same level.

  • For Rooms with lower ceilings, hang art slightly higher to the roof and use vertical art. This helps to make walls look taller.

  • Use your art to reflect the purpose of the room. If your art is going into an area for relaxing like the lounge room and bedrooms, use art consisting of landscape and water features, art with little detail and with cooler, earthy or neutral colours. Use fun artwork and brighter colours for the kids rumpus room.

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