How to Pack Plates When Moving House

When packing plates, choose a medium sized packing box.

Make sure the bottom of the box is securely taped with proper packing tape.

Line the box with a sheet of bubble wrap or some linen (e.g. a towel) to help absorb any shock.

You can choose to wrap your plates with either packing/butchers paper or foam wrap. Avoid using news paper as ink can rub off onto your dinnerware.

Place your packing paper in a stack on the bench or table.

Take a plate and place it at the end of the paper.

Fold each corner over the plate then fold the paper over the plate, making sure to tuck in edges and remaining corner. Much like wrapping fish and chips.

If you have packing paper large enough to rap two plates at once, use half the paper to wrap the first plate, then place another plate on top and use the rest of the paper to cover up the second plate.

Use tape to keep the packing paper or foam wrap together.

Gently place the plates into the box.

You can choose to stack them on top of each other or on their sides.

Use screwed up news paper to fill in any gaps to avoid and reduce any shock and movement inside the box.

Now place another sheet of bubble wrap or towel over the top of the plates.

Tape the lid of the box up securely. Tag the boxes contents and label it with FRAGILE.

Never over pack your box. Check the weight as you pack to make sure the contents is not too heavy for the box.

When lifting heavier boxes such as those filled with plates and glasses, always bend at the knees, keeping your back straight, then using your hips and knees to push your legs up to standing position. Always ask for help if the box is too heavy for you.

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