How to Pack Wine Glasses

How to Pack Wine Glasses

  • Prepare your box and ensure it is taped well on the bottom, with the tape coming at least 1/3 of the way up the sides. This ensures tape is stuck in place and wont come apart from the box when lifted.

  • Use an appropriate sized packing box. Good sturdy packing boxes will be available from any reputable moving company.

  • Line the box with screwed up news paper or a towel or similar.

  • Never use news paper as ink will rub off on to your wine glasses.

  • It's best to use either foam wrap or bubble wrap for wine glasses. This provides that extra bit of protection.

  • Cut your chosen wrap into appropriate sized portions.

  • Gently wrap your wine glass, stuffing ends of the wrap into the glass and also making sure you wrap the stem.

  • Pack only wine glasses in the box. Don't mix with other glass or kitchenware.

  • Also use screwed up news paper to fill in gaps and to separate layers. This helps to cushion the contents of the box reducing the risk of damage during transit.

  • Never over pack your box, checking the weight as you pack.

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