How to Pack your Antique Furniture

Making sure your antique furniture and family heirlooms are properly packed and protected during a house relocation, is always going to be a top priority. Whether the piece be large or small, you can follow these tips for a successful move.

Firstly you should organise what furniture needs to have that extra attention.

Make sure your insurance is valid and you are covered for any damages during the move.

If you want to be extra careful, you may wish to snap a few photos of the condition of the piece of furniture before you package it up.

Some piece of antique furniture can be quite heavy, so disassembling it where possible is a good idea if weight is an issue. Removing drawers etc. Use labels to identify which package belongs where.

Remove mirrors from dressing table or hall stands if possible and pack separately.

Packing up bulky furniture can be tricky as we can't just throw it in a box. However you can use a foam or bubble wrap to dress your furniture. Cardboard corner protectors are available in all shapes and sizes from you local packing solutions specialists. You can hold them firmly in place with a good packing tape or poly strapping for extra support.

It's good idea to put any paintings or mirrors in speciality packing boxes or cartons, specifically sized for pictures, frames and mirrors. If these are unavailable you can use a regular cardboard box, cut down to size and put over the mirror or glass, under bubble or foam wrap. This will help protect and glass or mirror glass from getting damaged.

Always choose a removalist company that has plenty of experience with moving antique furniture. Many will provide help with packing efficiently. You could also decide to hire the services of a professional packing service.

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