How To Pack Your Silverware When Moving House

Many of us have silverware on show in our dining rooms so we've put together a list of tips to help you along with packing them correctly.

Firstly if your silverware has a case, use it.

Never use newspaper as the papers ink will rub off and tarnish your silverware.

Prepare your box, making sure it is securely taped on the bottom and lined with bubble wrap, screwed up newspaper or even linen. This will help cushion the boxes contents reducing risk of damage.

If you have a lot of silverware then you probably have a pair of cotton gloves for handling. Silverware can tarnish easily with air as well as dirt and oils on our hands so it's always best to wear a pair of plain cotton gloves while packing.

We advise that you wrap each piece of silverware individually.

Give your silverware a good rub down with a silver polishing cloth as you pack it.

Have at hand plenty of acid-free tissue paper to wrap your silverware in.

Firstly wrap your silver with the tissue and then wrap it again in bubble wrap or foam wrap.

Silver flatware, such as plates can be packed in sets of 2 or 4, although we still suggest you wrap individual items with acid-free tissue paper (to avoid dings and scratches), stacking the plates, then wrap the set with a sheet of bubble or foam wrap.

You silver cutlery will most likely already be kept in a case but if you have loose cutlery items, use the same packing technique.

If not categorize your cutlery i.e. serving spoons, knives and forks and wrap each 'section' with acid-free tissue paper and then in either packing paper, bubble or foam wrap.

If you use a plastic cutlery tray, you can keep your items in the tray and simply screw up some acid-free tissue paper place over each of the trays section, making sure there is plenty to reduce movement in the tray, then tightly wrap around a sheet of bubble or foam wrap.

Pack cases and larger heavier items in the box first, working your way up to smaller and lighter items. Check the weight of the box as you pack, don't let it get too heavy. It's better to use several boxes when packing silver and other fragile items, keeping the box light, this reduces possible damage due to too much weight on the items at the bottom.

Now you can use screwed up newspaper to help fill in the gaps between your items, helping to cushion and adsorb any shock while in transit.

Label the box "fragile" and also "this way up".

When unpacking in your new house, remember to use your cotton gloves and a silver polish cloth so your silverware is fresh and sparkly.

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