4 pro tips for protecting your fragile items when moving


If you have moved house before you have probably experienced the horror of finding broken items when unpacking. Here are some simple tips to protect your most precious antiques and fragiles.

1) Never over pack or fill your boxes

  • Don't over pack your moving boxes, this puts a lot of weight on anything at the bottom. If you do need to stack do a couple of layers, but be careful to place heavier items at the bottom, for example; heavy vase at the bottom, lighter plates on top. Use smaller boxes so you are not tempted to play Tetris with your fragile items.

    2) Bubble wrap is your best friends with valuables and Antiques

  • Pay some extra money and Use bubble wrap for the more fragile you'll win every time. Newspaper is not recommended as the ink will most likely rub off on your Nana's beautiful old Royal Albert tea and coffee set. Instead use butchers paper or blankets, towels and sheets.

    3) Newspaper is great for supporting items

  • Use screwed up newspaper for using in between 2 layers or around your fragile items for a good fit (this is where you can apply your Tetris skills) it will help absorb shock and reduce any movement of items while in transit.

    4) Don't forget those expensive pictures and picture frames

  • Protecting our photo frames and paintings shouldn't stray too far from thought either. Smaller frames can be wrapped with butchers paper and placed evenly in a small box, remember not to over pack, while larger paintings like your average household Picasso or Van Gogh, can be wrapped with bubble wrap and/or cardboard to protect the artwork, especially if there is glass on the frame. Remember to protect the frames as they are often very delicate.

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