How to settle your cat after moving house

Cats particularly find it difficult to settle after moving house. Most cats spend their day marking their scent around their territory, your house. They may appear to be slinking around your furniture alluringly. However this is part of their daily routine to ensure their catness is on all your stuff. This makes your feline relaxed and happy and often they will lounge around content after they are finished.

Upsetting your cat's territory by moving house cause a lot of stress. Your cat's normal reaction can often be to flee the new house as soon as possible and retreat to somewhere safe. This can lead to a lost pet if your can is not properly settled.

The RSPCA recommends:

  • Having a suitable cat carrier with some of your cat's favourite bedding.
  • Moving them before the commotion of removalists arrive.
  • Making the journey in your vehicle as short as practically possible, because few cat enjoy a car ride.
  • Ensure you have spare bedding just incase of accidents
  • When you arrive and your new address keep your cat confined, with food, water and ventilation until the commotion of moving has died down.
  • Before releasing them, inside at first, make sure windows, doors and escape routes outside are keep closed.
  • Prepare one safe quiet room for your cat first. Make sure they have water, food, bedding and anything familiar from the old house. Include a litter box.
  • Let your cat come out of their carrier at their own speed and stay with them while they explore the room at their own speed.
  • Encourage them to explore the room.
  • Over the next few days open up more parts of the house until the roam freely.
  • RSPCA recommend keeping your cat instead for at least 2 weeks before letting them explore outside.
  • Let them explore outside a little at a time slow increasing their time outside.
  • Ensure not to let them roam at night until they are quite comfortable and make sure they have easy access to come back inside.
  • Continue to monitor them outside as all the neighbourhood cats will need to adjust to your cats arrival.

    Note: The RSPCA does recommend keeping cats indoors overnight until dawn as a long term health and wellbeing practice.

    Happy moving with your pet, let Vicmovers take care of the rest.


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