Melbourne's most affordable rental suburbs

With the economy tightening the end of a rental lease can be a great opportunity to downsize and start saving some cash. Nothing is more financially stressful than struggling to pay for rent each week, then car payments that were once affordable. Compounding this issue is living near the CBD often comes at a premium. So Vicmovers one Melbourne's highest rated removalists has compiled a list of some of the hottest up and coming suburbs for renters within 15 kilometres of Melbournes CBD.

Melbourne's top up and coming suburbs near the CBD

Rental houses and apartments are at record highs in Melbourne. So if you are feeling the heat of paying rent, there often seems to be no alternative if you need to be close to Melbourne's central business district for work or play. However there are still many rental bargains to be had within 10-20 Kilometres from Melbourne's CBD. Rental averages in these suburbs are between $370 and $390 for Houses and Units. These suburbs are really good value for money when you factor in travel costs etc.

Note: However before you sign your life away and order a moving company be sure to factor all the costs of moving house in, such as; removalists cost, breaking contracts, travel costs.

Here is a list of the hot suburbs close to Melbourne's CBD


Median weekly rental of $310 and only 24 minutes to Sunshine station, how can you go wrong. Braybrook is just 9 minutes west of Melbourne's CBD.

St Albans

Weekly rentals around $315 and 15 Kilometres from the CBD and with residents claiming you can walk to just about all facilities, it is a bargain.

Sunshine North

Median rental pricing is at $320 and just 12 Kilometres west of the CBD. Sunshine North has a great family based community with lots of public transport.


One of our favourites just 13 Kilometres from Melbourne's CBD it has great schools perfect for families. The Sunshine marketplace is fantastic and a median rental of just $330 per week.

Heidelberg West

Very close to the centre of Melbourne at just 10 kilometres and with a median rental of $330 per week a great compromise for any urban hardcore.


11 Kilometres west of Melbourne's CBD and with an average rental of $330 per week it is another great suburb close to Sunshine train station.


A little more expensive with a median of $350, but a little closer to at just 9 Kilometres from Melbourne's CBD. Bellfield is very hot at the moment.


Close to train station and just 13 Kilometres from town it is good value at $350 Median rental per week.

Noteworthy suburbs for units are:

  • Albion @ $230 Median
  • Gardenvale @ $270 Median
  • West Footscray @ $270 Median
  • St Albans @ $275 Median
  • Hadfield @ $280 Median

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