Move over man caves here come the Shelia Shacks

Move over man caves here come the Shelia Shacks

Man cave envy no more

There is a new home reno in town, the shelia shack! From watching home renovation shows you would start to think every bloke has a born right to have a man cave. Well what about the hard working ladies in these men's lives. Every hard working women deserves a shelia shack Australian DIY gurus are saying.

So if you're moving house or looking to move house the question may not be 'Oh I can have my man cave in here darling :)' it might be...I'm having my Shelia shack in the garage it is perfect.

So what makes a good place for a Shelia Shack?

Unlike the man cave with beer on tap, girlie tin signs and neon. The Shelia Shacks or sheds tend to be a hot bed for crafts and art. A place where the lady of the house can paint or create in her own space, away from nagging kids and indifferent husbands.

The ideal Sheila Shack is a place away from, or that can be cut off from the hustle of the house. This isn't a place for hermits though, it should have enough room for the girls to come and shelter in as well. Comfy couches, tables, music and dare I say a little vino are all a part of it. What a great way to utilise a spare bedroom, shed or garage that would otherwise be wasted with exotic exercise machines, clothes dryers and the like.

With the Sheila Shack, now Mum and Dad have somewhere to retreat to when the kids take over the lounge.

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