Being well prepared for "Moving day" is going to take the stress out of the whole process! It's a good idea to make a list of things to do on moving day and keep it somewhere you can check them off as you prepare, like on a whiteboard. Here are some tips for your check list:

  • Be packed and ready for your removal company when they arrive. Have your boxes neatly stacked in one place with good access and a short route to the truck. Stay clear of where they are working so they can do their thing, they are the professionals and the muscle after all.

  • Take all your paintings and art work off the walls and have it correctly packed, so you don't lose time with everyone having to be excessively gentle with them.

  • Take your beds down a day or two before, sleep one or two nights on your mattress on the floor if you can. Rushing disassembly only creates more chances for damage and loosing screws.

  • If it's not raining you could even move what furniture you can outside and ready to go. A lot of moving time is spent carrying things back and forth from the truck. If you cut this time down you will save money.

  • Make sure you have your credit card ready or if mobile credit card or eftpos isn't available, make sure you have gone and taken cash out from the ATM the day before. Ask your removalist before hand how they accept payment to avoid awkwardness moments.

  • Get up out of bed a little earlier if your movers are arriving in the morning. This will give you plenty of time to have your breakfast and coffee so you can then pack up your toaster and kettle. Give your breakfast dishes a clean and pop them into a box.

  • Make sure your pets are home and ready to go (I'm talking about cats) if possible, clear out one room (laundry/study/bedroom) and keep your pets in the room. NOTE: put a note on the door to "NOT OPEN:PETS INSIDE", this will prevent your moving guy from unknowingly participating in their escape plan! Don't forget to pop in a litter box, their food and water. It will also help with any anxiety your pets may have with their beds and couches being taken away. Make sure your dog (if it can't be kept inside) is chained up or behind a fence as gates and garage door will need to remain open.

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