Moving from Melbourne to Sydney

Moving from Melbourne to Sydney

Melbourne and Sydney, Australia's two most famous and largest cities. With huge cultural differences, the move from Melbourne's coffee shops and vintage flare can be vastly different to Sydney's vibrant arts and music culture. If you're thinking about making the move from Melbourne to Sydney here are some tips to help with your decision.

Jobs. Is there plenty of jobs in your profession? Or perhaps you've already been offered a job which is fantastic!

Where will you live? Will you be working in the CBD. Perhaps you would enjoy city apartment living, is there a supermarket close by (especially if you have no car) what is the noise and nightlife like? Ask a potential neighbour if this concerns you. If it's not for you, try surrounding suburbs where it's quieter.

Check local house prices for areas you would like to live in.

If you are moving with kids, check for schools, neighbourhood watch and safety programmes, parks and is it safe to ride their bikes.

Transport. If you're not lucky enough to be able to walk to work, Sydney has a great public transport system, even throwing in a free city shuttle bus. Trains a plenty, buses, ferries and light rail make it easy to get around. Bike riding is also very common in Sydney, with the city constructing a 200km bike network separating riders from traffic and pedestrians. There are even free courses for cycling in the city at the Sydney Park Cycling Centre.

Weather. Sydney is subtropical which means having warms summers and mild winters. Rainfall is highest between March-June. Temperatures range in summer between 25-31 degrees C. and 15-20 degrees C. in winter.

What's there to do? Plenty. Surfing at Bondi Beach, a show at the opera house, Taronga Zoo, harbour bridge climbing, harbour cruises, music festivals, Hunter Valley wineries, The Blue Mountains..the list in endless.

If you are considering moving to Sydney from Melbourne, contact us at for a quote on interstate relocations.

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