Moving furniture and house tips for easy moving

Moving house can be organised kaos at best. Its always a task which can end in stress or worse tears. There are some many things to organise in such a short period of time it is hard to keep track of it all. Here are a few the tips to help achieve an easy house move like a professional.


Find a reputable furniture moving service in Melbourne. With so many choices in the market how do you choose the right furniture moving company to suit your budget and who will look after your furniture and household items. Always choose a company by its professionalism . Professionalism is a good indicator of reliability and quality of moving service. You can ask for at least three references and contact them in person to confirm. Also there are online review services, such as, which you can quickly 'police check' a companies service. Communicate the date and time with the service and get a confirmation. For long distance moves, make sure that you have the option to track your belongings, along with the companies own moving liability insurance.


Support your local companies and hire a mover local or one that has enough moving trucks that they are not two hours away. You want to know if there is an issue they are accessible either by a professional phone, email service or you can visit them without to much fuss.


It is imperative that you choose a certified/qualified furniture moving service in Melbourne. Ensure that the service that you are about to deal with is certified where the need arises, insured for removals and has a current ABN. You don’t want to get a confirmation by word only. You have the right to review and verify these credentials in person or via email/fax. So, do not hesitate to ask for a copy of these certifications prior to hiring your removalist services. Everything is fine until something goes wrong. If you have hired a good furniture mover they will deal with problems, quickly and professionally and it will quickly cease to be an issue. A poor furniture mover will make small issue into massive problems, such as; items damaged in transit, not turning up on time, not having the correct equipment to move items safely.


Take the extra time to pack your belongings in an organized way. Packing items in boxes and labelling them with information like contents and which room you would like the box to be placed in can be a great stress reliever both for you and your moving company. Often movers will place boxes in the correct rooms if you label the boxes. Always keep your valuables like jewellery and family heirlooms etc close by. You do not want to lose sight of them at any point during the whole relocation/moving process. Not that movers are sticky fingered, but items can be lost during moving and there is no point inviting problems. If valuables must be moved by your furniture movers bring it to the attention of the supervisor before they go on board.


Most of the relocation services in Melbourne are insured, but always check. However, even if you choose an insured house removalist service, it is vital for you to perform an in-depth study of their conditions and policies. Some companies may not cover antiques or other types of properties in their policy, therefore, it is essential for you to be aware of what is excluded and get them insured separately. Also checking your other household items will be insured during your relocation.

*Note: Don't assume your contents insurance will cover you. Often there are conditions which apply during transit.


While moving house, all you want is a fresh start. Moving furniture always gives you a great opportunity to get rid off unwanted things. Make time to sort out what is really wanted and what’s not. Throw out unwanted things, like an old television set or dis-functioning treadmill that you no longer use. It is a great idea to hold a garage sale or use classified directories such as Gumtree, eBay or simply donate to your local charity store. Make sure not to leave items out on the curb overnight as you may get hit with a cleanup bill from your landlord, council or just end up with a massive mess from night hoons.


Make sure you pay off all your outstanding bills and inform the respective authorities in case you have decided to discontinue their service. After you are settled make sure you follow up on your old utilities and confirm the accounts are closed and finalised without debt. Where possible get written confirmation. Some Utilities are notorious for giving people bad debts for pennies on accounts they thought were settled. Then you only find out when you're trying to get a car or house loan. If you do get caught and you're in the right. Don't just pay the debt, make them remove it from your credit history then pay anything owing without fees or interest. After all you did nothing wrong. If you are moving interstate and you want to open a bank account in your new locality, see that you perform some research in advance to sort out the best options.


Nothing is worse than moving into a new house or apartment and needing to spend a couple weeks cleaning it. It is always much more relaxing when your new house is already clean. If you just don't have the time or simply can't bring yourself to pop in to the new house a day or two in advance think about hiring a professional cleaning service to give the new property a once over, this way you're not having to clean drawers and cupboards before you unpack your things.

Always try to choose a professional relocation service in Melbourne like and relocate without feeling the pressure.

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