Unfortunately it's impossible for us to control the weather and there's nothing worse than having the heavens open up on moving day so it's a good idea to keep an eye on the weather in the lead up to your move. If you live in Melbourne you're probably used to four seasons in one day so here are a few tips to help keep yourself and your furniture safe and dry should it be a wet day.

Wear a raincoat or jacket with a hood as an umbrella are not going to be useful as you will need both hands while carrying boxes.

Wear a pair of runners or work boots that have good grip. You don't want to be slipping over while you're carrying your TV.

Prepare both new house and the house you're moving out of by laying out some towels, blankets or plastic sheeting in any doorway you will be coming in and out of, this will not only help prevent slipping on tiles but also dragging wet foot prints and mud inside.

If you already know it's going to be raining, prep your boxes and furniture by covering in plastic wrap or shrink wrap. You don't want wet soggy boxes bursting open mid-move. If you haven't prepared for wet weather, but you can also use towels and blankets that you won't be needing straight away so you can wash and dry them. It's better to be doing a load or two of towels and blankets than having to replace mattresses if they get wet, as this could cause mildew and mold which is very unhealthy for us. Plastic tarpaulin is great to use for larger furniture if you have any in the garage.

Don't forget about your electrical items like TV's and stereos. Again, you can use towels, blankets or plastic wrap. Water and electricity have never gotten on well.

Keeping yourself safe from any injury is the most important thing, so always wear appropriate clothing and footwear, even on a sunny day. Moving is stressful, especially in the wet, but keep your spirits up, and if it's raining, at least you will find out whether or not your new house has a roof leak.

Good Luck!

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