Moving House: Pet's on Board!

Moving house can be stressful enough, let alone when we have pets to consider as well. I know when we have moved house, as soon as we start packing, the pet's are unsettled. They're most likely confused as to why the humans are packing away all of their things into boxes. Cue the cat's sleeping in boxes and suitcases. Here are some tips on moving house with your pets, local, interstate and international.

Moving locally with your pets

Make sure you have an appropriate sized cage, crate or restraints for car travel for your cat or dog. This ensures the safety for both pets and their humans while travelling in the car. You could consider having them stay at a trusted friend or relative's house or even a pet hotel for a few days while you move, this way you don't have to worry about them getting too upset, or hiding and not coming out, or getting out of the new house and getting lost while you're moving furniture into the house. If you choose to check your pets into a kennel or cattery, make sure all of their vaccinations and worming treatments are up to date. If you choose to keep your pets at home, as many of us do, it's a good idea to empty out a bedroom a couple of days before the big move and set the room up for your pets, you can put their beds in there, a litter box, food and water. Keep them in there with the door closed and make sure you put a sign on the door so the movers or helpers know to keep the door shut. This will help with both keeping your pets safely inside and you know exactly where they are when it's time to go. Use the same strategy at the new house.

Moving City or Interstate

ROAD TRIP! Don't forget to keep them hydrated and fed if you're going to be in the car for a couple of hours or more. We generally don't sedate our pets these days, they are believed to cope better with travel in a natural state of mind, however if your pet is prone to high distress while travelling, consult your family vet for options and to work out a travel plan. Remember to make plenty of toilet stops, perhaps you can train your cat to walk on a leash in the months or weeks leading up to your trip, so they can stretch their legs too.
If you are travelling on a plane, consult with your airline about travelling with pets and their conditions. They will most likely have to be up to date with worming and tick treatments as well as vaccinations. Make sure to start planning your trip, especially if travelling by air, as far ahead as possible to ensure the trip runs smoothly and you have ticked all the boxes.

Moving Internationally

There's a lot to think about when taking your pet with you overseas. There's vet checks, plane tickets, quarantine laws, long car trips or train trips, kennels and catteries. When travelling internationally, we suggest you enlist the services of a pet travel company. They know all the ins and outs of international pet travel and will do everything for you, from arranging vet checks, to booking them on your flight or another chosen flight and most will have facilities to house your pets for a couple of day until they can meet up with you at the other end or after quarantine. They really do take away much of the stress of moving internationally and interstate. If you do choose to take on the task or arranging your pet travel yourself, make sure to greatly research the countries animals laws, quarantine conditions, fee's, airlines fee's and airline pet travel conditions, insurance, vet checks. The further ahead you start planning and booking your pet in the better.

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