Moving house with children in Melbourne

Moving for anyone is stressful enough, let alone when you have small children to attend to whilst trying to pack and organise your move. Things can get especially tough if you have moved far away and the kids are attending a new school. All the chaos can unsettle your child so we've put up a few tips to help ease anxiety levels for both them and you.

Whether you children are toddlers or teenagers, make sure you talk to them, listen to them and their worries, and help them work out a solution.

Involve them with the process as much as possible, take them to view potential new houses with you, talk with them, ask them what they like and don't like.

Get them excited by taking them to see the new house, map out where their things will go in the new bedroom and explore the back yard and where outdoor play equipment can go.

Explore your new neighbourhood. Find out where the closest park and playground is, where the local corner store is.

If you are moving schools or daycare centres, go and explore around the new school, on a weekend when school's not in session.

Try to disrupt any routines and little as possible.

Get them involved with packing, especially their bedrooms. You can try turning it into a game.

Keep as calm and positive as you can, our children pick up when we are stressed and can feed of the negative energy. If you're unhappy and stressed, they're going to be unhappy too.

Whatever your reason for moving house, make sure you give them plenty of attention and reassurance.

All children will react differently, some may be super excited and others may be very unsettled. Be aware of any signs that they are not coping with the move, such as depression and anxiety. Some children can regress in their behaviour, such as bed wetting, when under pressure and stress. Seek advice from a medical professional should have any concerns, or if physical symptoms persist.

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