Moving house with your portable spa pool

Portable spa pools are fabulous things! There's nothing quite as relaxing as a good soak in the hot tub after a long day. Especially if you are moving house. It's recommended that you hire a professional furniture removalist to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Here are some tips on preparing your spa pool ready for transport, so it can be ready and waiting after a long hard day's moving house.

Firstly make sure you have completely disconnected all power, gas and water connections.

Store electrical cords in the spas cubby hole, use a plastic zip tie to keep any cords tidy to avoid tangles.

Completely drain the spa pool of water. Using a towel, mop up any excess water, then leave to completely dry. Also making sure power cords and motors are completely dry as well.

Make sure the drain cap is replaced after draining the water, and is secure.

Check that motors and pipes are securely fastened in their places, with no water, lose brackets or bolts.

If you are moving your spa pool on your own (without the help of a moving company) you will need a few burly mates to help lift.

You may require the assistance of a couple of flat moving trolleys. If you are using trolleys, make sure you have straps and tie-downs to secure your spa pool firmly to the trolleys.

Lifting the spa pool from it's corners (one person on each corner) lift the spa pool over on to its side and securely place on the moving trolleys. Get another couple of people to securely hold the trolleys in place while the spa pool is being positioned. You can use blankets in order to protect wood, acrylic or fibreglass.

If any damage has sadly occurred during its transit, do not re-connect any power, gas or water supply. Contact the spa pools manufacturer for advice on repairs and warranties.

Once your spa pool is placed in its new position in your new home, use the owners manual to safely re-connect your spa to power and water supply, following each step in order and taking all safety precautions.

Always be safe around electrical currents, gas and water. Should any accidents such as electrocution occur, immediately call 000 for the ambulance service.

If you are unsure at any stage when preparing your spa for removal and disconnecting electricity and water supplies, always call the manufacturer for advice or hire the services of a professional home relocation service, or both.

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