How To Move Your Fish Tank

It's important to move your fish and their aquarium as quickly as possible to reduce as much anxiety as possible for your beloved fish.

It's important to establish a permanent spot in the house for your aquarium. You will need to move the aquarium before moving your fish and should also be the very first thing or the very last thing you move when moving house.

Before moving you will have to remove your fish from the tank. Your local aquatic and aquarium shop should have either bags or poly boxes.

Poly boxes are essential for larger fish or fish that require a warm environment, like tropical or marine fish. If you are using a bag, make sure you fill the bag with 25% water, making sure to leave as much oxygen in the bag as possible.

Close and tie up the bag with a rubber band or similar so you can re-open the bag without disturbing your fish too much.

It is also important to keep as much existing tank water as possible, RO water containers will also be available from your local marine shop.

Don't forget about your filter system. The filter is the heart of the aquarium and house their own supply of good bacteria that are essential to the water, tank and the fishes health. To keep as many of these bacteria's alive for as long as possible during your move, place your filter media (carbon, sponges etc) in a container of the existing tank water and if possible keep the water oxygenated with a battery powered oxygen pump, this will help as many bacteria as possible to stay alive during the move.

Make sure you remove all water and decorations to avoid any cracking of the tank due to heavy weight.

Once you have moved in and set up your aquarium, it's time to add the preserved water back into the tank.

Once the preserved water is back in the tank you can then add any electrical equipment, ornament, stones etc

Now you can set up your filter in tank.

You can now re-fill the tank. If you wish you can turn your heater up 2-3 degrees to help warm the water faster so you are able to get your fish back in the tank as soon as possible. DO NOT FORGET TO TURN IT BACK DOWN!

It's also advisable to add a dechlorinating agent to the water.

Once the water is at its desired temperature, you can re-introduce your fish back to their aquarium.

Slowly and carefully lift the lid on the poly box allowing more and more light into the box over about a 15 minute period. Too much light too quickly can cause stress to your fish.

For bagged fish, float them in their bags for around 15-20 minutes, after this time period, carefully roll down the sides of the bag to allow the new tank water to gently enter the bag, this will allow the fish to adjust to the new water and temperature. Once they have adjusted, you can remove the bags releasing them into the tank.

It's a good idea to leave any lights off for around 4-6 hours during the period of reintroduction.

Some fish will swim straight to the bottom or hide behind rocks etc this is normal while they get used to their new surroundings.

Keep a watchful eye for any distress. Feeding can begin after about 24 hours.

If you have any concerns for your aquarium or fish, contact your local aquarium supplier.

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