Moving your plants on moving day

Most of us have a couple, or a lot, of plants to move as well when we are moving house. They can be bulky, heavy, dirty and delicate. Follow our tips to prepare you plants for moving with as less stress or damage as possible.

Start preparing your plants a good few weeks in advance before moving house.

Firstly, if you're moving interstate, check with the local council on prohibited plant imports and if you require a quarantine certificate.

Prepare potted plants by pruning back any branches to reduce the risk of breakage.

Treat the plants for any pests.

Check for corroded or damaged pots, you don't want your plants to take a tumble or a heavy pieces of terracotta pot to fall on you toes when you pick them up. You may need to re-pot them before the move.

Drain any excess water sitting in house plants or from saucers.

For smaller house plants, pop them into a plastic bag or box to reduce any mess from leaking soil.

You could try wrapping the more delicate plants in a plastic wrap to prevent leaf breakage on plants such as palms or ferns.

Use a stake such as cane or bamboo to help support your plants while moving.

Your removalist will have a moving trolley but if you are moving yourself, these are extremely handy and are great for moving those larger heavier outdoor pot plants. They are available at your local hardware store.

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