Packing and Moving workshop machinery

Packing the man shed can be a mighty task for an Aussie wo/man. We have compiled a list of tips to streamline the process, while helping you sort through the good and the bad before you move house.

Vicmovers Workshop packup tips

Before you start check our list of things that cannot be transported here

Let's start with dad's other kids first, his tools.

  • Leave handtools in there tools boxes, though where needed add some padding to prevent excessive movement. If you have expensive tool boxes ensure you wrap them in bubble wrap then heavy cardboard. Be sure not to overpack them and be sure to warn your removalist if handles are broken or weak.

  • Insure or power tools are disassembled and all parts are back in their carry cases or packed separately, with suitable padding and labeled.

  • Make sure or oil, gas, fuel are drained from any power tools.

  • Do not over pack boxes.

  • Make sure heavy tools are packed separately.

  • Wrap sharp tools with tools and padding and tape them well.

  • Long tools like rakes, shovels and brooms shouldn't be packed. Instead alert your removalists and they will wrap them in a moving pad.

  • Trash cans should be empty and clean.

    Consult your removalists on the the following items

  • riding mower
  • BBQ
  • gas leaf blower
  • snow blower
  • motor scooter
  • moped
  • trampoline
  • above-ground swimming pool
  • hot tub
  • satellite dish
  • storage shed
  • swing set
  • jungle gym
  • dog house or kennel

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