Packing Tips for Moving House

Start packing as far ahead as you possibly can

Get yourself plenty of packing boxes and other supplies such as tape, bubble wrap, packing paper and newspaper

Label all your boxes as you pack them with room and/or contents as well as FRAGILE for any breakable items like drinking glasses

Don't over pack your boxes, making them too heavy to lift

Pack your lighter items on top of heavier items

Pack one room at a time

Start by packing items you won't be needing, such as seasonal clothing and camping gear

De-clutter as you pack. Get rid of old or unwanted items. A garage sale is a great way to sell unwanted things, or give away to family friends and charity

Pack hazardous items such as cleaning products and chemicals separately

Pack a box of essential items such as baby items (nappies, formula etc) Pet food, cutlery and dishes (or plastic plates), snacks, pet food, a pot and pan, can opener, toiletries and first aid kit

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