Tips For Packing Your Jewellery for Moving House

Here are some tips to packing your jewellery to avoid getting chains and necklaces tangled when you are moving house.

Use your jewellery box where you can.

Use a jewellery roll or travel organiser to prevent tangles.

A clean egg carton is great for separating jewellery

Use a weekly pill box organiser for necklaces, earring and rings.

Old buttons are a great way to keep pairs of earrings together, just simply thread your earring through the button holes, like you would through your ears.

Small zip lock bags are great for separating your jewellery.

Craft organisers are great for preventing loss and tangles as are screw boxes.

Use sections of unused drinking straws to thread your necklace chain through, then carefully rolling up in packing paper, bubble or foam wrap.

Avoid using newspaper directly on your jewellery as ink can rub off.

Wrap your jewellery box, stand or tree with bubble wrap to prevent any damage.

Use an old shoe box to pack your jewellery in once you have sorted and packaged each section.

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