Packing your wine cellar for moving house

Firstly it's a good idea to get your wine collection appraised by a professional if you have a collection of premium, good quality wine. Make sure your wine collection is covered by your insurer.

Get a speciality wine box, specifically designed to transport wine bottles. They can come in either a stand up box, or a flat box and come with inserts to hold each bottle. If you have previously stored your bottles lying down then it's best to use a flat box. If you have stored them standing or if you have longer bottles, then use a stand up box.

Ensure your box is taped well with packing tape. Tape should go at least 1/3 up the side of the box.

Cork bottles should be packed either sideways or upside down to ensure the cork stays wet.

Avoid using foam beads of peanuts, these will be unnecessary when a speciality wine box is used.

Do not use newspaper print to wrap any valuable bottles, instead use acid free tissue.

Scrunched up newspaper can be used to line the top of the box to help reduce any possible movement.

If possible, keep your collection at a constant temperature close to where they were stored. Avoid moving on a hot day.

Do not pack wine bottles that have been opened.

Clearly mark each box FRAGILE and THIS WAY UP (if this is not already pre-printed on the box) Let your movers know so they are extra careful.

Wine boxes will be available at your local packing box specialist, your moving company and from your local wine dealers.

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