Preparing your lunch for moving day

With all the chaos happening on moving day, we often forget to organise lunch and snacks. If we don't eat we lose energy pretty quickly and end up dehydrated and tired, especially on a hot summers day. Here are some tips to help organise lunch and snacks when moving house.

Keep aside an esky or chilli-bin to keep your lunch and drinks fresh and cool.

Make sure you have plenty of water and keep hydrated.

It's a good idea to keep some powerade or other electrolyte drink to prevent dehydration on a hot day.

Make some sandwiches or rolls. It's a good idea to have protein in there, like tuna, chicken, beef, ham...pretty much anything you like.

Don't forget your fruit! The sugars in fruit are great for boosting your energy.

Muesli bars or similar are great for a snack and energy boost.

Fresh muffin of your choice are also a great snack.

If you have your children "helping" make sure they also have plenty of snacks and food as well. Maybe a chocolate bar or small bag of lollies as a reward.

If sandwiches aren't your thing, make a pasta or potato salad. The carbohydrates will be awesome for keeping your energy up.

Cook some sausages or sausage rolls the night before for a good protein snack, these are fine to eat cold.

Mixed fruit and nuts or other trail mix.

Don't forget to pack in any cutlery or plastic plates you may need.

Whatever you decide to pack in your lunch on moving day, make sure it's easy, you don't have to heat anything and drink plenty of water. After you move, you can relax in your new home with an icy cold beer!

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