Prepare your property for your removalist and save money.

In modern society we often forget companies and their staff are actual mortal!

By this I mean they have to deal with issues and events the same as any other mortal on this planet. When it comes to moving house the same issues that would stop, slow or make things difficult will also make your movers jobs that much harder.

So why care if your removalists job is harder? After all that is what you are paying them for! Yes you are completely within your rights to hire a moving company and let them deal with any issues that are at your property. Most moving companies are also more than happy to go above and beyond their normal duties and deal with any issue you give them. However dealing with issues takes time and time of course equals money, as most movers are hired on an open ended hourly rate (based on a rough quote in most cases).

So it is almost common sense to remove issues and infact aide your movers to operate more efficiently, because you will benefit financially from the savings. To that end here are some common issues and helpful tips to aide your movers to operate more efficiently and save your money.

Generally Moving companies are charging from $20-50 per hour per removalists. In most cases you will need at least two movers and sometimes three or four for larger properties. Therefore saving an hour of removalist time can be a substantial saving on your total bill.

Here are our top tips for moving house efficiency

  • Make sure your removalists can part and orientate their truck as close as possible and back first to the property. With a straight line run from the closest exit.
  • Make sure tree branches, which could block the truck access are trimmed back. One branch at the top of a long drive way could add hours and hundreds to a move. Also the extra distance will surely tire your removalists (they are mortal after all) increasing the risk of accidental damage. Also carrying items further increases the risk of damage. Removalists don't normally care a chainsaw for pruning tree limbs, though some do. If you can't trim your trees before hand advise your removalists so they are suitable prepared.
  • Move your boxes and furniture closer to the nearest exit to the truck.
  • Move your items closer to larger doorways to make it easier for removalists to move in and out.
  • Remove or cover any obstacles which could trip or slow free movement.
  • Ramps are travel on while carrying boxes than stairs.
  • If you're able, you can help by moving your items outside. Decreasing travel distance and increasing the ease that removalists can carry your items safely.
  • Make sure you have refreshments on hand, just like when people used to have manners. Hydrated removalists are happy and efficient removalists.
  • I have always found a nice rewards always keeps the motivation up. A nice foodie treat, casual nibbles or unpolitically correct case of beers at the end
  • Advise your removalist ahead of time of heavy or bulk items, Access issues, step stairs, tight door ways.
  • Advise and get a solution for any issues that came up when you moved in ahead of time.
  • Disassemble large items before hand making them easier to handle (Beds).
  • Use regular sized boxes, which are easy to stack and carry.
  • Ensure everything is packed and sorted into regular and odd sizes before hand.
  • Make sure any dangerous items, mowers, chemicals, chainsaws, BBQs are clean and ready to go. Read our other blog on dangerous items here
  • Pets are out of the way and safe.
  • Children are suitable supervised so they are out of the way and the removalists can go flat out without having to worry.
  • Ask if there's anything you can do to assist them.
  • Empty your drawers and tape them down so they don't open and dump on the ground.
  • Remove the clutter before your removalists arrives.
  • Hire them to come first thing in the morning, so your removalist is less tired.
  • Arrange a time for them to come when traffic is at low.
  • Try to keep stray items to a minimum and pack them together or box them up.

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