Preventing injury while moving house

Out of all accidents that happen in Australia each year, 33% of those happen in our homes. With all the chaos on moving day, it's easy to let your mind slip for a moment and have an accident, Slips, tumble, cuts and bruise or you've lifted a heavy box and you put your back out or strained a muscle, here are some tips to keep yourself safe and avoid injury to yourself or someone else.

Avoid any heavy lifting if you have sustained any injury that would cause further stress on your body. If you are unsure, consult with your General Practitioner. It's best to leave the heavy lifting up to your home removal specialist.

If you are going to be lifting make sure you are bending at the knees and hips into a squat position, then keeping the object close to your body, straighten you legs to lift. Do not attempt to bend over to lift or lift any heavy object above your head. If you find yourself having trouble, get someone to help you.

Here are some other helpful tips

  • Wear appropriate attire. Don't wear looser or baggy clothing, these can get caught on corners causing thing to get knocked over.

  • Make sure you have plenty to eat and drink throughout the day.

  • Wear sunscreen on a sunny day.

  • Wear appropriate footwear. A pair of well fitting shoes or runners is a good idea. Make sure they have good grip. Make sure laces are tied well, with a double knot if required.

  • Make sure your boxes are not over packed and are securely taped up at the bottom of the box so the contents does not bust over, falling on your toes.

  • Lay down towels, sheets or cloth in doorways, especially if tiled, to avoid any slipping in wet weather, this will also prevent mud or dirt being walked through the house.

  • Treat paths and driveways with a moss and mould removal product before moving day. This will help prevent slipping.

  • Make sure to always turn off electricity if you find yourself in the roof removing cords such as aerials or needing to disconnect any other electrical equipment.

  • Keep any object or furniture out of the way of where people are walking, this will avoid anybody getting caught on corners or tripping over boxes.

  • Keep small children and pets well out of the way. They can easily get tripped over as well when they are excited about moving house.

  • Take extra care around stairs. Take it slowly when carrying furniture and boxes down stairs, if you get your foot wrong, you could all take a tumble.

    Over all, access all situations when moving house, some areas can be tricky to manoeuvre around, so be aware of your surroundings, keep your energy intake up and take it easy and keep any tricky items to your chosen professional house removal company, we all want to move house in one piece.

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