Should I move house before or after the new baby arrives?

As Murphy's Law would have it, your lease is up or you've sold the house and you are needing to move around the same time at the arrival of your new baby. No pregnant woman willingly chooses to move house at this time, so we've put together some pros and cons to help you decide on moving before or after the birth of your families latest addition.

Everyone will want to help out. Let's be honest for a moment, this may just be the most perfect excuse to getting of lightly when it comes to packing, moving and cleaning.

Cleaning: Cleaning the house after moving out is a hard enough job as it is let alone trying to do it while pregnant, especially heavily pregnant, unless you are in full "nesting" mode. However, there are chemicals such as oven cleaner and bleach that may be harmful to both mum and baby. On the upside, use your pregnancy as a good excuse to hire a professional cleaner to get the nitty gritty stuff done and to avoid chemicals. Vinegar and baking soda and lemon and great natural products to use for cleaning walls and cupboards in order to avoid harsh chemicals.

Packing: This is going to require regular bending over, getting up and down, possibly up a step ladder and carrying heavy boxes, so unless you are still attending the cross fit gym every day, you will want to avoid doing any heavy lifting or climbing up ladders. You may want to consider hiring the services of a professional packing service and they can also unpack in your new house.

Open Homes: All new parents know the first couple of months are a complete haze. Think sleepless nights or a poorly baby. Figuring out routines and generally getting to know and bond with your baby. Open homes are not going to care if you haven't slept the night before, or need to breast feed your baby. Then there's the obligation to keep the house at least respectable for viewing, something that goes completely out the window with a new born. This of course if you can even remember there's an open home that day.

Sleep Routines: One of the most important things to master is a good sleep routine. Moving your new baby to a new rooms and new house with different smalls and sounds may upset their sleep patterns.

Postnatal Recovery: Even the easiest of labour and birth will see you experience minor to moderate discomfort and is going to require recovery time, let alone if you required a c-section where recovery takes 6 weeks. Many woman will at least experience the "baby blues" as hormone levels are getting back to normal, so trying to juggle a new born whilst planning to move house may not be in your best interests.

Meeting New Neighbours: Almost everyone loves babies, they're quite the draw card. New babies are a fantastic way to meet and get to know your new next door neighbours and if you're lucky, you'll get a freshly made casserole or some home baking.

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