Should I Move Into An Apartment?

Have you been thinking about relocating to an apartment or unit? Here are some things to think about before signing the lease agreement.

Does your furniture fit? Take along a measuring tape.

Kitchen storage. Apartment kitchen are generally smaller than a house, so make sure your kitchen things are going to fit.

Indoor storage. Make sure there is plenty of room for your linen and somewhere for your vacuum. Don't forget about the bathroom cabinets

Do you have outdoor furniture? Is there a balcony or patio and is your furniture going to fit there.

Is the apartment easily accessible? Make sure you can get your furniture into lifts or around staircases.

Is there somewhere to park your car? Most apartments will have a parking garage, but some don't, or if you're lucky you'll get your own private garage. Don't forget about off street parking for visitors.

We hope these tips have been helpful with your decision making.

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