Tips For Saving Money When Moving House

  • Ensure you have given your house removalist a detailed list of your home contents so they can bring the right sized truck. Too small and you may to do two trips or finish moving the remainder of your belongings yourself.

  • Use pre-used packing boxes from supermarkets, but only if they are in good condition. Using boxes with rips and tears or that are too flimsy can result in the contents falling out.

  • Hire pre-used boxes from your removalist, this way once your things are unpacked they will come and take them away for you as well.

  • Ensure you are 100% packed and ready to go for when your movers arrive.

  • Where possible, disassemble all of your furniture, such as beds and dressing tables, before your movers arrive. This will save time, hence save money.

  • Give away or sell household items and furniture that you no longer want or need in your new house. The less you have to move, the smaller the truck and the less time it will take to move.

  • Use towels, linen, tea towels and old clothing to wrap and protect your fragile items.

  • Make sure all your painting are down off the walls and stored neatly together in one place.

  • Move all of your furniture and boxes into one area if possible.

  • Clean the house and carpets yourself. Get your friends over for a working bee.

  • Hire your own truck and get a few friends to help you move.

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