Things to keep in mind when moving house

We've compiled a checklist of things to remember when you are moving house.

Book your furniture and home removalist well in advance.

If you need storage, either on arrival or departure to Melbourne, prepare and book a storage unit well in advance.

Prepare your contents insurance so it covers your belongings during transit.

Advise your movers if there is any difficult access e.g. steep driveways, narrow paths, low tree branches or power lines e.t.c.

Let your movers know in advance if you have additional furniture that what is stated on your items list. If you don't, the movers may not bring the appropriate sized truck, resulting in extra costs, delays or things getting left behind.

Arrange with your utility companies to take final readings for power, water and gas. Take photos or write down in your diary for your own records.

Don't forget to make sure utilities are connected at your new house too. Phone, internet, power, water, gas. Phone and internet can often take 2 weeks for a technician to come out so book in advance.

Change address and phone numbers with friends, family and any service providers such as banks, insurance, car registration and drivers licence, Medicare, doctors, magazine and newspaper subscriptions etc Don't forget to give new address details to your child's school. You can set up an address forwarding with the post office too, this will ensure you get your mail and remind you of anyone you may have forgotten about.

Remember to return any library books or DVD's.

Don't forget about the lawnmower guy or the pool maintenance guys.

Give the house and property a good check for anything you may have forgotten about e.g. tools in the garden shed or toys in the back yard.

Once you have moved house and finished the final clean, turn off power and gas and water if the house is going to be vacant after you move out. Make sure all windows and doors are locked and gates and garages are closed.

Your movers have worked hard, it moving guy etiquette to fill them with fish and chips or BBQ and a cold coke once the job is complete!

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