This app might just make moving day easier

These days there is app for just about everything. Well 'moving planner' is another app which could make your life a little easier.

Moving planner is a complete checklist system for everything you need to make moving day smooth.

Moving planner (Android) has configurable checklists/planners with everything you need for moving. Save the time you would spend organising and typing up lists as this app come preloaded with man default items, such as; TV, beds, fridge etc.

You can add contents to boxes as you pack them for the final move. Moving planner is very intuitive and thumb friendly. Therefore quite practical when you are actually doing the move. Also the app is tablet supported, though we didn't try this.

My favourite feature is you can create multiple lists and then add notes. For example I will create lists for my kids to pack their own stuff away and then email or print them off. Kids love to be involved and this keeps them busy while you take care of the tricky stuff. Then afterwards there is no panic when no one knows where someone's favourite soft toy has been packed. I don't know how many times I have moved house and then not been able to find something. I have assumed it has been losted and spent money replacing it and then upon my next move I find it again in some random box that was never unpacked. Taking a little extra time to catalog everything would have saved me a lot of money and arguments over who left XYZ behind.

The app also has great little sorting features and colour coding which are great when you are running around. Some of the other nice features are; exporting, emailing, bluetooth sharing, item total per box, drag and drop, quick delete features.

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