Tips for Moving House Yourself

Find the right truck and moving company. Use a company that has drop off options in another location for long distance and interstate moves.

Check whether you need a truck driver's licence for the sized truck you wish to hire.

Hire the right sized truck. To find out volume of your house contents (furniture) measure the length, width and height of your combined furnishings (beds, sofas, fridge etc) to find out the cubic meter.
length X width X height = cubic meter (m3)

Get yourself some professional packing boxes. This help with optimizing the room in the truck as boxes are of the same size.

Pack from floor to ceiling.

Load heavy appliances like fridges and washing machines first with lighter items on top.

Beds and table should be packed sideways along the sides of the truck.

Follow up the load with household furniture.

Distribute the weight of items evenly in the truck.

Make sure you tie down larger and tall items as well as mirrors.

Fill in any gaps with smaller and odd shaped items.

Pack furniture as compact as possible to ensure all of your things fit and this also helps reduce movement while in transit.

Now pack heavy boxes first, followed by lighter ones. Lighter smaller boxes can be used to fill gaps.

Always take care when opening the trucks doors up in case there has been any movement of furniture or boxes.

Check the holding doors are correctly closed and locked. Check tyres etc. Adjust your seat and mirrors. Always wear your seatbelt.

Trucks are much larger and longer than cars and much take longer to stop. Keep plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front. Trucks have a wider turning radius so take it slow and easy around corners.

Keep an eye on height restrictions at petrol stations, motels or anywhere else you may stop. Watch out for low hanging power lines or tree branches.

Trucks take longer to accelerate so always give yourself that extra space and time to pull out of intersections.

Trucks have larger blind spots so always take extra care when changing lanes.

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