Tips For Safely Packing Paintings

We all want to make sure our beautiful paintings we have on the walls of our homes are sufficiently packed and well protected from any damage when we are moving house. Here are some tips when you have paintings to package and move.

  • Firstly, never use newspaper print to wrap your paintings or other fragile items as the ink will likely rub off and cause damage. Always use butchers or packing paper or tissue paper.

  • It's not a good idea to use bubble wrap either as it's possible the plastic could stick to or react with the paint, either oil or acrylic. Reserve bubble wrap for use over the top of packing or tissue paper.

  • It's a good idea to wear gloves to protect your paintings from dirt, dust or oil transfer from your hands to your painting.

  • Use cardboard to either cover the entire painting or just the corners if you desire. This will help protect any damage from bump for both the painting and the frame.

  • If you are using cardboard, ensure it is efficiently sealed with a good packing tape so the painting isn't able to slide or fall out.

If you are requiring correct sized boxes, check your local stationary stockist, art supplier or perhaps consider using a professional art packaging service.

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