A guide for the first day you move into a new house

You've just moved in to your new home, the movers have left and you're left overwhelmed, tired and wondering where to start. Here is our guide on what to do and where to start on the first day in your new home.

  • Check that the power and/or gas supply is on and and the hot water cylinder is running.

  • Plug in the stereo or connect your phone to a dock so you have music to listen to while you start unpacking.

  • Start with setting up and making your beds so you and the family can have a good night sleep and a well deserved rest.

  • Plug in your phones to charge.

  • If the house has been vacant for a period you will want to give cupboards and drawers a quick wipe out with a damp cloth.

  • You may also want to use some cleaning spray to wipe our cutlery draws and kitchen cupboards before unpacking your kitchen.

  • If you have thought ahead and packed an essentials box with the things you will need immediately, start with this box.

  • You'll probably want to set up the TV so you can relax an wind down later that evening

  • If the movers haven't done it for you, shift your furniture into each room, starting with bedrooms.

  • Once your furniture is in place in the bedrooms, follow up with moving each box into it's designated room.

  • The first boxes you will want to unpack are the kitchen boxes and the bathroom boxes.

  • After the kitchen you should unpack bedroom boxes

  • Carefully disassemble your empty packing boxes as you unpack

  • Once you have positioned your furniture to where you want, you can continue throughout the week with unpacking less used items.

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