Tips on packing and moving your home library

Tips for packing your library of books for moving day

Are you addicted to buying books? Are you moving house and are faced with the daunting task of packing your home library? Here are some tips to get you on your way.

Choose proper sturdy and strong packing boxes, not too big, as the weight of several books will quickly add up. Make sure they are taped up well.

Pack your books whichever way is most comfortable for you, lying flat, or upright, there is no right way, as long as the books aren't falling or sliding around as this can throw the box off balance while being carried and that could lead to someone dropping a box of books on their toes. To avoid books sliding around, fill in gaps with tissue paper or light towels or blankets. Avoid new paper as the print ink could rub off onto your books.

Check the weight of your packed box to make sure it's not too heavy before taping the top up. Label each box as soon as it has been packed and sealed.

Pack in sections of fiction and non-fiction etc. Take note of the first and last author eg:


Or label which ever way works best for your library set up. Either way you choose, it's handy to use different coloured labels or marker pens for each section. For example: Green=Non-Fiction; Pink=Fiction; Blue=Science

If you have valuable books, you could wrap them up individually with foam wrap or tissue paper or avoid damage from rubbing or the corner of another book poking or scratching valuable covers. You might also decide to put either just the valuable or all of your books into plastic bins or boxes with lids.

It's also quite handy to label your shelving with what books came off it, this will help with faster unpacking. However, you may want to re-arrange the setup of your new library.

If your home library is particularly large, you may also want to consider the help of a professional packing service. Most removalist companies provide this service for an hourly fee. Your removalist company will also usually have a variety of packing solutions for your needs, so if you purchase boxes from your removalist, enquire which box size will be suitable for your books.

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