Using Professional Relocation Services in Melbourne

Moving house is one of the toughest and most exhausting tasks we all have to go through at one stage or another. If we decide to move ourselves, with a few mates to help, it can take all day, maybe two, then there's the clean up afterwards, and the sore achy muscles that no lengthy hot bath can mend. If you are thinking about moving house yourself, you might want to reconsider. Here are some pro's to hiring a professional relocation service.

They will bring their moving truck to your door so there is no running around picking up trailers or hire trucks, signing your life away in the interim, paying bonds and insurances.

They are professional house movers.

They will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Movers can and will disassemble any furniture you require them to.

They have moving trolleys for heavy items such as fridges.

They can (at extra cost) provide a packing service, coming to your home and packing your things for you....and unpack them at the other end.

They are faster and more efficient than you.

They know how to pack the truck using their Tetris skills.

They have plenty of blankets and tie-down straps to protect your furniture from damage.

A good home relocation service will include insurance in their costs.

They can move larger furniture pieces such a pianos, antique furniture and large fish tanks.

Many movers will provide their own storage solutions should you be moving to another city or interstate and need to store your household items for any amount of time.

They have all sizes of moving trucks to suit your needs, eliminating the need for multiple trips when you use a trailer or small hire truck.

You won't put your back out lifting heavy boxes.

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