Ways to earn money when moving house

Moving house is the perfect time and excuse to de-clutter your house. We often just give stuff away for free or throw it out when you could actually be selling it and putting that money towards your moving costs. You never know what other people will buy so don't dismiss your old or broken items. Some quick research on similar items you want to sell will give you a rough idea of what people will pay. Be realistic about prices when selling your old things.

If you really can't be bothered with selling your old things, we strongly encourage you to take any and all broken electronics to your local electronics recycling centre where they can be disposed of correctly. We need to look after our planet. You can also recycle your old cell phones. It's also very rewarding to donate your unused items to those in need. Women's refuge, hospitals, day care centres,non-profit recycle boutiques and op-shops like The Salvation Army and Animal Welfare League. Please don't use these centres as a dump for your junk and only donate items worthy or re-sale. If you wouldn't give it to your friend, then don't take it to donate.

Garage sales are a great start. Or load up the car and take it down to your local car boot sale for that extra foot traffic. Gumtree and eBay are great for larger items like furniture or old and broken whiteware and electronics. If you are needing to get rid of your things in a hurry you can try giving your local second hand dealer to pop over and offer you some prices for things they are interested in, many will also buy whole house lots.

Non-working whiteware: List broken down fridges or washing machines on Gumtree or eBay. Even for $20, that's $20 you didn't have before now firmly in your wallet. People buy non working whiteware to fix them up and re-sell in their second hand furniture shops. They'll also come and pick it up which means you don't have to dispose of it yourself.

Old Exercise machines and equipment: You know you only use your elliptical machine or Ab-rocker for a clothes rack and nothing more.

Old furniture: Beds, couches, outdoor furniture and anything that isn't going to fit in or suit the new décor of your new house. Even if you just want to update furnishings, money from the sale of the old ones can go to purchasing new ones.

Clothes: Get rid of anything you haven't worn the the last season i.e. If you didn't wear that dress last summer, you won't wear it again this summer so out it goes. Get rid of old footwear as well.

Children's toys and books: They just grow so fast don't they? Kids clothes sell really well because kids grow out of their clothes rather quickly so most items are still in fantastic condition. You can sell online in singles or do a bulk buy. Same for books.

Old books and magazines: If you don't think you will read that book again or just don't want them any more, sell them off to someone who will appreciate them. Don't dismiss old collections of encyclopaedia's or National Geographic and Time magazines. Many of these are collectable and rare.

Old records and CD's: You might have your own record collection or have your parents old collection sitting around gathering dust. You could try going hipster and buying a record player (they're coming back in to fashion) or sell them to another hipster who already has a record player. Do a quick bit of research to see if any of your old vinyl is collectable and/or rare, in which case you might bet a few extra bucks for it.

Old home décor: Anything from art work to your unused crystal vases and general bric-a-brac. Even broken items may bring you in some spare cash, people use such things for mosaic art. Put them all in bulk together and sell as a whole.

Kitchen items: Think that ice cream maker you have never used or that bread maker you haven't used in years (but what beats that fresh bread aroma first thing in the morning, right?). They're just taking up space so out they go.

Old Linen: Mismatched towels, old doona/duvet/quilt's, covers and sets. Old sheets and blankets.

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