What does a Packing Service do?

Most home removalist companies in Melbourne will also provide a professional packing service. This is especially great it you are struggling to find the time to get all your packing done, or perhaps there is a disability that is preventing you from doing the job yourself. Whatever your reason, a professional packing service can take a lot of the stress out of moving.

What does a packing service do?

A professional furniture and homeware packing service will come into your home and pack all your belongings.

They can pack as much or as little as you like, for example, they can pack up just your storage and display cabinets, fragile items, bookshelves etc and leave the more personal items to yourself.

They can disassemble and reassemble furniture.

They will have quality materials to safely pack glassware, mirrors and paintings.

Will disassemble and reassemble your pool table.

They have the appropriate materials to safely pack and transport antique furniture.

Can come in for a set amount of hours.

They can also unpack and place items back where they came from in your new home.

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