What is the best day of the week to move house in Melbourne?

Most people tend to plan their moves for the weekends, that being Friday, Saturday and Sunday. While these days are not the most convenient days to move, the best days to plan your move are days between Monday to Thursday. Most people are at work on these days so there are fewer reservations which means there may be a possibility that your moving company will have lower prices, this helps entice people to move on these particular days that have lower business. This means that you might be able to save on moving costs. The absolute best days are Tuesday and Wednesday as most moving companies have the lowest amount of bookings. This also means that you will have the best chances for reservations.
The worst days of the week to move house are going to be the weekends. This is because most people don't work weekends and have this time off to get their moving done and dusted. Movers are going to be busy in the weekends so you will have a difficult time in finding someone on short notice. So if you plan on moving on a weekend, make sure you book as far in advance as possible.

The best time of the month to move house is usually somewhere in the middle. Generally speaking, there are less public holidays during the middle of the month which mean better prices as well as more services and supplies available to you.
The worst times of the month are definitely going to be any school holidays or public holidays. If you are planning on moving house during a holiday period, make sure you book well in advance as moving companies are going to be busy.

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