What should I wear on moving day?

Whether you're moving house or you're helping a friend move house, moving day in Melbourne is always messy, dirty and dusty, so it's not a good idea to wear anything you hold dear to your heart. Wear something that you don't mind if it gets dirty, gets a stain on it or even ripped. Definitely don't wear skinny jeans or any other attire that is perhaps going to be uncomfortable or constricting. Here's some tip for suitable clothing for moving day.

Dress for the weather. If it's raining make sure you have a decent raincoat with a hood.

Although gumboots are great for keeping our feet and legs dry, they are not suitable for moving as they can often be lose and you don't want to lose a gumboot while you're walking down the slippery hill carrying a box of your best china.

Wear a good lace up pair of runners that have good grip. If you're laces are prone to coming undone then do a double knot to ensure you are not tripping up on loose laces.

If it's a hot day, shorts and tee-shirt or a tank top. Don't forget your sunblock. There's nothing worse than being tired AND sunburnt at the end of a long days moving house.

Tights or yoga pants are are great option, they're comfortable and flexible and you can fold them up if you start to get a bit hot.

Cargo pants can also be great, as long as they're not too baggy because you don't want them getting caught on something. The pockets are handy to keep any small items you see lying around like screws...or maybe you find $20 under the couch!

If you're moving in cooler weather, tee shirt and warm jumper. A hoodie could possibly get caught on something or could just be annoying for you, its better to wear a warm hat or beanie rather than a hooded jumper.

If you need that extra layer, wear a jacket that can be zipped up so you don't have loose items of clothing flapping around. Remember, it's better to have an extra layer or two kept aside and not need them than to not have a jacket or jumper to put on should you get cold.

Track pants are often frowned upon in public, but moving day is the perfect excuse to to don this fashion faux par.

Thongs and sandals are not suitable footwear for moving house, they can easily cause you to trip and injure yourself or damage your household items.

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