When is the best time to move the office?

Moving your corporate office to a new building can be more challenging than moving house. Not only do you still have a business to run employees to oversee and client to take care of, you also have to plan and organise an office relocation. There are many elements to moving an office. Files, computers, desks, the larger your office, the more challenging the move will be.

Timing is everything.

Avoid planning your move during peak time of the year. Most people move during the warmer months so moving companies will be booked and busy. Many employees may also be on holidays with their families over the warmers months with school and Christmas holidays. If you can't avoid moving during peak times, make sure you book as far in advance as possible. Also avoid planning your office relocation during public and school holidays.

Although you don't want productivity to suffer, moving midweek is your best choice. However some body corporates may not allow moving mid-week as it can be a disruption to the rest of those who also work in the building. However you will have a better chance at hiring a moving company as mid-week is off peak and your employees are more likely to help out during the move. Moving the office during the weekend won't go well with employees, especially if you expect everyone to help out.

Mid month is the best time of the month to move. Most businesses are at their busiest at the beginning and towards the end of the month. Moving at these times is going to create unnecessary stress within the company with workers feeling pressured and overworked.

Consider the season when you decide to relocate your office. Depending on which part of the country you are living, summer time can bring cyclones, heavy rains and thunderstorms and winter can be a lot milder. Other places may be extremely cold and wet during winter months, so this may make shifting the office more hazardous. No matter when you move, always keep an eye on weather forecasts and prepare for any possible rain and ensure your office electronics and other equipment are sufficiently protected from the elements.

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